'Cause when you showed me myself, I became someone else.

It's not always rainbows and butterflies

24 April 1987
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-my name is vanessa-
-most people call me nessa or nessie-
-i may be 22 but i'm still a kid at heart-
-i think roadtrips are the best-
-i always sing while i shower-
-music is my life-
-i love to go for drives with my friends-
-i can be quite shy at first but once you get to know
me you'll see how crazy i really am-
-crazy is cool-
-my iPod is my best friend-
-i believe in living life to the fullest-
-i am who i am and i won't change for anybody-
-you either like me or you don't, either way i don't really care-
-i try not to judge other people-
-i love my job for the most part-
-i love to spend time alone-
-i love to party but i hate clubs/bars-
-i'm a huge loner but for the most part i don't mind-
-i tend to be very random at times-
-i love taking pictures-
-i have 3 tattoos & plan on getting many more in the future-
-i love the night time very much-
-i'm a very sensitive person & i get hurt very easily-
-i love to take long drives alone to just think-
-i try not to have regrets because lets face it we can't change the past-
-i'm not a hard person to please-
-i like all kinds of music & will listen to anything atleast once-

Everything I do fails...
I wish on stars, wish on birthday candles, put you on my Christmas list, throw coins in fountains and make a wish, wish at 11:11. Not to mention, love you, dream about you, and think about you every moment I can. Yet, nothing works. And as much as I want to lose hope in all these things, I can't because if I stop believing then they really won't ever come true

♥ Sometimes love’s about staying in there and battling through, but sometimes it’s about letting go too ♥

Love is seeing an inperfect person perfectly.

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